I’m Laurie Carter, the owner of Basket-Full, a gift and decor shop and coffee house.

Whether you need a great gift, a steaming hot drink, or you want to splurge a bit on yourself or your home, Basket-Full has something for you.

My Basket-Full journey began when I started designing custom gift baskets, but I always knew I wanted to open up a shop. There’s something wonderful about walking around a space that’s beautifully designed with lots of pretty and delightful things to catch your eye. I knew that was the kind of shop I wanted. I am totally in love with home decor and love designing spaces based on the seasons. And, of course, I love to shop for my shop!

One of the things I most enjoy about owning and running Basket-Full is that I get to continually change how it looks and what is on the shelves. This means there is always something new to see or a new space to explore when you stop in. It gives me a thrill to offer products that inspire you when you come in my door. Every time you leave with something that caught your eye or a new idea for your home or loved one, it reminds me why I do what I do.

As a city girl (Vancouver area born and raised) I believe it is possible to run a business in a rural area without compromising on price or product availability. I want you to be able to purchase something that makes you smile from someone you know at a fair price. And if you shop online with us you can rest assured that there are real people looking after your order. I’m so excited to offer custom gift-wrapping for all seasons and occasions and to be able to send your special package to anywhere in Canada and North America.

What makes Basket-Full extra special is that I get to know everyone in our community and also welcome newcomers and people passing through. The coffee house gives us a chance to get to know each other, swap family stories, and bond over our love of HGTV (if you’re into that sort of thing). As a city girl, this is what I love about being in a rural community, so make sure you say hello the next time you come in for some sipping and shopping.